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Children's Health

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  • Extracts of fresh Arnica montana flower heads, provide a Gel that helps relieve symptoms including: Learn More


  • This specially formulated flower essence is a unique blend, carefully selected with the advice of experienced practitioners from Sun Essences, to help meet the challenges of modern life. Learn More


  • Berry Bursts - DHA, EPA + Vitamins A, C, D & E Learn More


  • Children’s need for vitamin D has never been greater. Use of sunblock and sunscreen, as well as indoor activities such as video games and movies on demand, have sharply reduced children’s exposure to the sun, their natural means of producing vitamin D. Learn More


  • The rapid growth and active lifestyle of most children demand ongoing effective nutrition for energy, strength, and general well-being. 20% OFF! Learn More


  • A pure and natural formulation for relief from dermatological discomfort.  Learn More


  • Natures Answer Windy-Pops For Kids- an alcohol-free extract using organically grown herbs in a glycerine base. Windy-Pops is suitable for babies and children from 6 months and over (1-2 drops three or four times daily, see label for further details). Learn More


  • Nelsons Teetha comes in an easy-to-administer granule form. Teething usually begins between the ages of four and nine months and most babies will cut their first tooth by one year. Learn More


  • JASON (R) Kids Only! (TM) Extra Gentle Conditioner is part of an extensive range of organic skin, hair and body care products from Jason. Learn More


  • Salcura Omega Rich Shampoo is a 100% safe and natural shampoo that helps to moisturise the skin and provide the skin with vital nutrients and omegas. Learn More


  • Salcura Conditioner is a great product that deals with damaged hair and scalp problems at he same time. Used as an integral part of your hair wash routine, it will nourish, moisturise and restore dry, itchy, irritable and aggravated scalp skin. Learn More


  • This pleasant tasting powder can be taken directly from the spoon or mixed into cereals, juice or smoothies. Learn More


  • Nature's Plus proudly introduces new Animal Parade Gummies. Bursting with chewy, delicious, all-natural orange, grape, and cherry flavors, just two gummies provide a broad profile of nutrients, including a full complement of 20 essential vitamins and minerals, along with 14 of nature's premier whole foods. 20% OFF! Learn More


  • Animal Parade KidZinc Lozenges provide 8 mg of organically chelated zinc: elemental zinc from zinc aspartate and zinc monomethionine. KidZinc Lozenges also provide soothing herbal extracts, including Echinacea, Olive Leaf, Slippery Elm and Ginger. With unparalleled convenience and delicious tangy tangerine flavor, KidZinc Lozenges is the ideal botanical... Learn More


  •  Each chewable tablet supplies 16 vitamins and 8 minerals, as well as nature's most healthful whole foods, including spirulina, carrot, broccoli, whole brown rice and spinach. Combining the natural goodness of whole foods with a balanced profile of nutrients is what makes Animal Parade a complete dietary supplement formulated for your child. Learn More


  • Animal Parade Gold Sugar-Free Multi Children's Chewables takes this best-selling multi-vitamin and mineral formula to the next level! Bursting with irresistibly delicious, natural cherry, orange and grape flavors, each serving of these fun, animal-shaped chewables is now packed with 500 IU of vitamin D3, more trace minerals, enzymes, probiotics, and a... Learn More


  • This super potent Omega-3 Krill Oil supplement has been specially formulated to contribute to normal cognitive function and normal growth in Children aged 4 to 12 years. Learn More


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  • £5.49

  • No Nasties - naturally made without lanolin, parabens, colourants, synthetic fragrances, PEG's, petrochemicals, phthalates, propylene glycol or SLS/SLES. Learn More


  • RRP £9.09 There is a daily struggle between friendly bacteria and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract. Each KidzBiotix chewable tablet is positively packed with billions of "friendly" bacteria, to support their dominance in a healthy gut. "Friendly" bacteria play an important role in gut, digestive and immune health. Learn More


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    Viridian Travel Biotic
    Viridian Travel Biotic
    Travel Biotic provides a unique type of good bacteria. Learn More


  • Vegan EPA & DHA provides the omega-3 fatty acids Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) & Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Learn More


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Products by page
Showing 1 - 24 of 28 items