Nutritional Therapy

What Is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy can benefit people with chronic health conditions or those who want to improve their general health and lifestyle.

Nutritional Therapists work with individuals to help alleviate and prevent disease or health concerns. Their focus is based on nutritional and biochemical imbalances in the body that can lead to ill health. They make dietary, lifestyle and supplementation suggestions to restore balance, which may include guidance on avoiding certain toxins and allergens, detoxification and the use of supplementary nutrients.

This form of  alternative medicine may be used alongside conventional treatment, meaning nutritional therapists often have contact with other healthcare professionals.

What happens during consultations?

During a consultation a detailed medical history will be document-ed with the aim of finding the underlying issues of health concerns and helping clients to understand the possible link between diet, lifestyle and health.

You will be given advice on:

  • Which foods you may benefit from removing or including in your diet.
  • Whether you may benefit from any supplements.
  • Any lifestyle changes than you should make.
  • Refer to another medical professional if required.

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