Allicin Max 30 PowderCaps


AllicinMAX provides real allicin, extracted from fresh garlic.  It is created via a patented extraction process which produces stable allicin and locks its goodness into convenient vegetarian capsules which aid rapid absorption.

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Can be used for bacterial, fungal and viral infections. May also be beneficial for athletes foot, arthritis, bites, candida, colds, colitis, eczema, flu, diarrhoea, gum disease, Lyme disease, nail fungus, psoriasis, ringworm, sinusitis, wounds, chronic fatigue syndrome, MRSA.

Each capsule provides:
180mg of AlliSURE – stabilised allicin extract

One capsule of AllicinMax taken each day at mealtimes will provide enough allicin for your general health and well-being.


Non GM maltodextrin, allicin powder.
Vegetarian capsules.
Free from artificial flavours, salt, gluten and preservatives.