BeYouAgain 60 Vegetarian Capsules


A gentle yet effective formulation of herbs, minerals and vitamins created to help maintain control, balance and well-being around the menopause but also important at any stage of a woman’s life.

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A unique formulation designed by our team of health and nutrition professionals to provide the optimum ratio of vital and naturally sourced nutrients, whose levels within the body are known regularly fluctuate during times of change and stress.

Overall well-being 

BeYouAgain contains a balanced combination of food-sourced vitamins and minerals, particularly those that fluctuate on a monthly basis and also require supplementing later in life.Ensuring anadequate intake of such nutrients on a daily basis will help to support wellbeing on many levels.

General tiredness and lack-lustre

BeYouAgain provides naturally sourced ingredients including, Siberian Ginseng and Peruvian Maca to help maintain energy levels, and reduce fatigue.

Enhanced Mental Clarity

BeYouAgain contains a blend of ingredients that, not only increase physical energy and stamina, but also help to enhance mental clarity. Maca has traditionally been used to enhance mental energy, wheras magnesium and vitamin B6 are assosciated with regulating brain chemistry.

Hormonal imbalances and irritability

BeYouAgain contains ingredients known to help reduce feelings of anxiety, tension and helps to balance mood swings.

The menopause is a significant change in women’s lives. This invigorating blend of herbs, minerals and vitamins has been formulated to help nourish a tired body, providing a range of nutrients that research has shown to be particularly important for women during this time. Taken as a daily supplement it helps the body’s systems regain a natural equilibrium and maintain a balanced state of mind and mood. It also contains herbal ingredients, traditionally used to combat issues such as night sweats and cycle irregularities.

Daily supplement using only food-sourced ingredients for optimum absorption. No synthetic or isolated vitamins or minerals are ever used. Suitable for those of a vegetarian, vegan, diabetic and coeliac diet. BetterYou is against animal testing.