Bye Mouth Ulcer! 15ml


Bye Mouth Ulcer!™ offers a painfree and quick solution for the treatmentof mouth ulcers that is easy to use. Bye Mouth Ulcer!™ immediately relieves you from the pain and discomfort and helps to promote the healingprocess.

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Dimethicone, Aerosil, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Cinnamon oil, Povidon, Crospovidon, Al-Mg-Silicate, Aqua, Sodium Methylparaben, Colourant

The benefits of Bye Mouth Ulcer!™


  • Film building gel for the local treatment of mouth ulcers
  • Protective, breathing and water resistant layer on the mouth ulcers for hours
  • No local anaesthesia and burning feeling
  • Pain and burning feeling disappear immediately 
  • Healing properties of the mouth are stimulated
  • Protects against negative influences
  • Very well accepted by the skin, not acid
  • Mouth flora will not be influenced or affected
  • Clinically proven in several studies
  • Recommended by dentists