Cherry Active 30Caps


Cherry Active Cherry Capsules gives your body a big boost of antioxidants to protect and repair muscle mass. It can also help to speed up recovery time after your workout, reducing the soreness and pain of tired weary muscles. A great supplement for recovery and antioxidant protection – Cherry Active Cherry Capsules!

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CherryActive Capsules are made from the skins of carefully selected Montmorency cherries. The skins are used as they contain the greatest concentration of nutrients so we can pack our capsules with as many nutrients as possible. The skins are freeze-dried to protect these important nutrients and milled to a fine powder to help absorption. The powder is then encapsulated in a 100% vegetarian shell without added fillers or other additives. The Natural Trade Awards are highly-prized accolades. CherryActive Capsules won the Best Product – Supplements and Remedies Award in 2007. This is voted on by the leading authorities in the Natural Health Industry.

The famous Montmorency cherries which are used in CherryActive are a rich natural source of anti-oxidants and flavonoids distinctively tart and so also called tart cherries. CherryActive is a perfect, convenient source of high quality montmorency sour cherries which are an effective source of antioxidants, in fact just 30ml of CherryActive has been shown to have the antioxidant capacity of over 20 typical portions of fruit and vegetables.

CherryActive Capsules are convenient, light and low-carb. We recommend the capsules are taken if you are on a low-carb period of training (eg cutting weight), if travelling (and find the capsules more convenient to carry) or before sleep to help with sleep patterns (no liquid to wake you up in the middle of the night). Some athletes take CherryActive Concentrate after training and a CherryActive Capsule before bed.


Take one to two tart cherry tables a day, with or without food.

Please Note: Always consult your doctor before altering any medication prescribed to you. CherryActive products are not supposed to treat, cure or prevent any medical condition.

Serving Amount

Per capsule:
Energy: 1.3kcal/5.5 kj
Protein: Trace
Carbohydrates: 0.3g
of which sugars (includes naturally occurring sugars only): 0.1g
Fat: Trace
Fibre: Trace
Sodium: Trace


Freeze-dried montmorency cherry powder, 100% vegetable (hydroxpropyl methylcellulose) capsule.