Ex Monte Murmeltier Salbe 100ml


For centuries it has been known that fat from the Marmot has a very special and significant role and benefits for humans. Because of its very special qualities and characteristics, the fat from Marmot’s has many uses and applications. Our Marmot ointment is completely paraffin free.


This approved, popular and simple to apply cream can be used on the neck, shoulder and back areas as well as over/ underarm or leg application. When massaged into these areas it soothes, relaxes, loosens and refreshes, allowing blood flow to become more active again and support natural regeneration and healing to occur. With this action you should start to beneficial results in just a few days.

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  • Pain relief cream highly effective on Arthritis in joints
  • Effects the blood circulation on the surface of the skin assisting in pain relief
  • Suitable for the treatment of back pain giving pain relief

Original Marmont Ointment by Dr. Roeck from Austria
100 ml

Due to its unique physical-chemical properties, the fat of marmots is particularly valued both as a remedy and as popular cosmetics.

According to centuries-old lore, marmot fat represents a proven rub-in remedy, which is sure to bring welcome relief, especially to overworked muscles and joints.

•Improves blood circulation in the skin and brings welcome relief
•Rich in vitamins D and E
•Can be used to treat a wide range of complaints