Gengigel Gingival Gel 20ml


Gengigel Gel is a natural and gentle treatment for the symptoms of gum irritation and Gingivitis.

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Gengigel Gel is a natural and gentle treatment for the symptoms of gum irritation and Gingivitis.

  • Gengigel contains the natural, active ingredient Hyaluronan.
  • Gengigel helps to combat bleeding gums, sore or damaged tissue & tooth extraction sites.
  • The cooling gel helps to soothe inflammation and speed up the healing process.
  • It can be used long term to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • 20ml squeezy tube with nozzle.

About Gengigel ingredients…

The main ingredient in Gengigel, Hyaluronan, is an element naturally found in the body’s connective tissues. In the gums, Hyaluronan acts as a barrier and repairs any damage the gums are submitted to. The Hyaluronan in the gel, resembles that of the Hyaluronan found in the gums. The concentration applied directly to the irritated gum, will help to soothe and repair the damage.

What is Gengigel for?

Gengigel works to heal gums that are damaged, bleeding, aggravated or recovering from dental work. These aggravations can be caused by gingivitis, dental work, abrasion or tooth removal. Gengigel can also benefit those with periodontal diseaseas the Hyaluronan helps with cell renewal to regenerate tissue. You can also use Gengigel can be used long term to maintain healthy gums and tissues.


Brush your teeth before you use this product. Gently dab and gently massage in the gel onto the affected tissue with a clean finger. Ensure that the gel is spread over the whole inflamed area. Gengigel Gingivial Gel can be applied 3 or 4 times a day for 3-4 weeks.

Who can use Gengigel?

Gengigel is completely safe for all to use. It has not contraindications or side effects and can be used without restriction. Gengigel will work for children, the elderly, diabetics and women pregnant or breast feeding. It can also be used along side other medicines or therapies.

Ingredients per 100g: Hyaluronan 200mg • Xylitol • Excipients (An easily absorbed carrier).