Kingfisher Mint with Flouride 100ml


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Kingfishers toothpaste is the new era of toothpaste’s, It contains no artificial flavourings, colourings, sweeteners or preservative. However they can fit in delicious ingredients, like, Fresh Fennel, Marvellous mint or Baking Soda. Kingfisher natural toothpaste with added fluoride flavoured with peppermint and lemons.Using natural ingredients like lemons, fennel and peppermint, Kingfisher tastes deliciously good. This Mint flavoured toothpaste which contains fluoride will allow you to have a fresh taste in your mouth all day, helps to prevent tooth decay, and will make your teeth stronger. So for a toothpaste, that you can trust, is 100% natural and organic and will give you gleaming teeth try this Kingfisher Mint Flavoured toothpaste with Floride.


Kingfisher  is the UK’s leading natural toothpaste. It contains no artificial colorings, flavorings, sweeteners or preservatives. Instead, we use natural ingredients like real fennel, real lemons and real peppermint, and Kingfisher tastes delicious. Kingfisher is available in 7 great varieties, with or without fluoride, from health food shops, leading supermarkets and many chemists. It is gluten-free, GM-free and made in the UK.


Calcium Carbonate
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
Hydrated silicia
Cellulose Gum
Sodium Monofloruophosphate
Mentha Piperita
Citrus Limonen
Foeniculum Vulgare


Apply toothpaste to toothbrush, and then apply brush to teeth. Brush your teeth with the toothbrush, for about two minutes a day, twice a day. Never share your toothbrush with anyone else. Always make sure you put the lid on the toothpaste when you finishing using it