Maxi Slim Raspberry Ketones 600mg 60 Capsules


Maxi Slim Raspberry Ketones 600mg

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Maxi Slim Raspberry Ketones 600mg


For years, we have been drawn to raspberries because of their vibrant colour and sweet, tangy taste. Nutritionists are now learning that these fabulous fruits also contain ketones and believe that they are as healthy and beneficial to the body as they are delicious! Leading US Physician, author, and talk show host, Dr. Oz, even recommends raspberry ketones for aiding in weight loss. When speaking on the topic of raspberry ketone supplements he stated that they were “The #1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat.” In fact, raspberry ketones seem to be one of nature’s best kept secrets for helping people live healthy, boost their energy, and feel great!

Suggested Use

Adults should take 2 capsules daily with water before food. (1 before breakfeast, 1 before lunch)


Raspberry ketones (99.7% ketones) 

Shell veggie capsules (HPMC)