Natura Siberica The Northern Collection, Black Cleansing Butter 120ml

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Black cleansing butter for dry & sensitive skin.

The Northern collection provides delicate cleansing and care for each skin type thanks to a precious lend of wild Siberian Herbs. Natura Siberica revisits ancient recipes and shamanic traditions from northern Nenec, Selkup and Khanty people, who have traditionally used these herbs to create wellness and beauty elixirs.

Natura Siberica’s rich textured butter transforms into a silky cleansing when in contact with water, gently and effectively cleansing the face. It effortlessly removes stubborn make-up and is also suitable for removing eye-makeup. Charcoal absorbs impurities and cleanses pores, Organic Linen Oil is both nourishing and softening. Organic oils of Siberian Pine and Altai Sea Buckthorn combined with wild rhodiola rosea leave skin enviably soft and resilient. Skin is clean and supple, revealing a radiant complexion.