Natures Aid Co-Q-10 100mg available in 30 & 90 Caps


Co-Enzyme Q10 is concentrated in certain parts of the body where energy requirements are at their highest such as the brain, liver and heart


Based in sunflower oil for optimum absorption.

Co-Enzyme Q-10, or Co-Q-10 for short, is a natural compound which is made by your body and stored in the mitochondria of each and every cell. The highest concentrations tend to be found in the liver, kidneys, heart and lungs, and it is thought that this vitamin like substance has many different roles to play. Your natural production of Co-Q-10 decreases with age, which is why some people choose a top-up with a supplement.

At Natures Aid, we  have created a range of different Co-Q-10 supplements to provide a convenient way to include this substance in your daily life. Co-Q-10 must be mixed with an oil when included in supplements, pur team of experts have chosen to combine 100mg Co-Q-10 with sunflower. Sunflower oil helps to provide optimal absorption, whilst keeping this supplement free from allergens like soya and nuts. We can also guarantee that this product is GMO free and for those with allergy concerns, we can provide peace of mind that this supplement is free from gluten, dairy, corn, nuts and soya.

Sunflower Oil, Gelatin, Glycerine (bovine), Co-Q-10, Silicon Dioxide, Natural Colours (Black Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide).

Take 1 softgel per day with food.

Do not exceed the recommended intake.

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