New Era Combination R for Infants’ Teething Pains


New Era Combination R tissue salts is a homoeopathically prepared biochemic remedy for Infants’ Teething Pains.

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biochemic remedy for Infants’ Teething Pains.

New Era Biochemic Remedies are homoeopathically prepared from safe, natural and non-habit forming ingredients.

To promote the easy cutting of teeth dissolve 2 tablets on the tongue 3 times a day at feeding time.
When the pain is acute, give 2 tablets, dissolved in warm water, every 15 minutes.

If your child is already receiving treatment for infant teething pains, tell your doctor they are taking this product.

Active Constituents (in homoeopathic potencies)
Equal proportions
Calc. Fluor. (Calcium Fluoride) 6X
Calc. Phos. (Calcium Phosphate B.P.C.) 6X
Ferr. Phos. (Iron Phosphate B.P.C.) 6X
Mag. Phos. (Magnesium Phosphate B.P.C.1949) 6X

Also contains lactose