Pil-Food is a food supplement containing a special formulation of amino acids, vitamins and essential fatty acids – all nutrients that scientific studies involving thousands of people have shown to be helpful in sustaining healthy hair growth.

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Pil-Food is ideal for:
• Dull, lifeless hair
• Strengthening thinning hair
• Regrowth of strong hair after sudden hair loss
• Supportive treatment for male pattern baldness
• Brittle hair and nails
Strong, healthy hair needs to be fed from the inside. Every single one of the 100,000 – 400,000 hairs found on an average head is made up of two parts: the root, which is nourished by blood via the papilla; and the hair shaft, which is visible, and largely made up of a protein called keratin.
Keratin needs to be manufactured by our bodies as it is not something that can be rubbed in, or applied in some way to the hair shaft. Pil-Food capsules provide the sulphurated amino acids (including DL-Methionine and L-Cysteine) the body uses as building blocks to encourage production of keratin, and to help hair keep its strength and elasticity.
Suitable for: people with diabetes and women in pregnancy. Pil-Food is not suitable for those following a gluten- or lactose-free diet, or for vegetarians (unless the contents are removed from the capsule).
Pil-Food is generally very well tolerated and should not cause any unwanted side effects. Occasional mild gastrointestinal irritation may occur if you have a sensitivity to millet, in which case the dose should be reduced.