People get wrinkles. It’s a fact of life – or is it? Thanks to an amazing scientific discovery, we now realize that we may be able to reduce or delay the appearance of wrinkles!

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How Do Wrinkles Develop?

The aging of your skin causes a decline in its functionality. The first noticeable change in aging skin is sagging; the skin appears loose and does not “bounce back” as easily when pinched or pulled. Next, fine lines appear, followed by deeper ones as the skin undergoes greater structural changes. These changes are followed by alternation in colour and texture. Brown spots appear on the hands and face and the skin becomes thin and dry. Typically, this is what we learn to accept as time goes by – but it doesn’t have to be!

Living Wrinkle Free

As reported by ABC News anchor-women Connie Chung in Primetime, an amazing substance may contribute to longer lasting youth. In the village of Yuzuri Hara, Japan, the people there routinely live into the 90’s and longer!
More than 10% of the population of the village is aged 85 or older – 10 times the American average. Not only are the residents of Yuzuri Hara living longer, but they are also quite healthy. In addition, many of them have also managed to keep their skin from showing signs of aging! This is especially amazing when you consider that residents of, the village typically work outdoors (farming) in the sun for years, never once using sun block or skin cream remains remarkably soft, smooth and relatively wrinkle free.
Dr. Toyosuke Komori, the town doctor believes that the key may be locally grown starches, which may help to stimulate the body’s natural creation of a substance called hyaluronic acid (HA), which aging bodies typically lose. HA is a key of collagen and may help to fight the inevitable aging process. HA also functions as a free radical scavenger and as an antioxidant. These properties may offer protection against skin damage caused by the sun. In fact, Dr. Komori was quoted by ABC Primetime as saying “I have seen a women in her 90’s with flawless skin.”

Hyaluronic Acid – the Miracle Nutrient

The function of HA is always about hydration and separation. Hydration because it holds on to water and separation because it acts as a structural component throughout the body.
Nearly 50% of your body’s HA is in your skin, there it creates volume, resulting in a healthy and vital appearance. As you age, however, you lose this vital youth-enhancing substance.

You Can Have Beautiful Skin!

The ECM fills up the space between the skin cells. This makes the skin soft, smooth and elastic. As your amount of HA decreases, the ECM becomes dehydrated, producing dry, rough, wrinkled skin. It’s not unlike the drying fruit. A plum starts out plump and moist. Remove the water and you get a prune.
Truely radiant skin comes from with-in. Your skin’s ability physically glow depends upon its ability to retain and hold moisture within the cells of its dermis (inner layer). In fact, your skin’s dermis is made up of about 70% of water.
The amount of water that you have depends largely on your age and health. According to J.M.Seigneuret, Ph.D., a proper water balance is vital to your skin’s condition. Hyperhydration causes the skin to crumple up and swell (that “pruney” look after submerged in water for a long time) and dehydration promotes the loss of elasticity and wrinkling (the “crocodile” look.)
Normally, nothing is more abundant in the human skin cell than HA and water. In fact, according to Aimo Niskanen, D.V.M, PhD., HA can retain up to 1,000 times its own weight in moisture! Dr. Clive Solomons, Ph.D., F.A.I.C., has also noted that HA acts as a gel to help keep your tissues hydrated.
This is why HA has become a very popular ingredient in high-quality cosmetics: but topical creams can only bind moisture to the outer surface of your skin! When taken internally, HA reaches the deep inner layers of the epidermis where topical applications cannot reach.

How could HA Work for You?

HA may be one of the most important substances in your body. It is a natural component of your skin.
Throughout your lifetime, your body’s cells lose a large part of their essential moisture. Fifty-year-olds are estimated to have less than half the hyaluronic acid they had in youth! By replenishing the moisture with the support of HA, you may be able to help reverse the signs typically associated with aging, giving you back that youthful glow!
Columns of fibers, made up mostly of collagen and elastin, provide support from below the surface layers of your skin. This essentially forms a “molecular sponge” known as connective tissue. The spaces within this sponge are filled with composition of water, protein complexes and HA.
The main problem with getting more HA into your body is that the molecule itself is large and hard to properly absorb. This problem may be solved by breaking down the HA molecule into a smaller form. This lower weight may become more stable and thus more bio available to your body.

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